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About Us

 What We Do?

                                                         We offer the following services:

                                                        1. Procurement from China

                                                         2. China-Laos Logistic service

                                                         3. Top up credit into China Bank Account and Alipay

"58snail" is one of the most popular online shopping and retail platforms in Laos. Here you can choose from a wide range of products such as clothing accessories, home department stores, car motorcycles, digital home appliances, etc. You can order the required products at any time on our website.

 "58snail" has its own complete supply chain system, starting from various aspects such as warehousing, logistics, and source of supply. The greatest effort is to lower the transportation costs, so that each user in 58snail can enjoy better services and better prices.

We focus on the improvement of the "58snail" user experience, so that the purchase, payment, packaging, transportation, and delivery of goods can make users feel more of our service quality and level, and look forward to our every contact.

In the past 4 years, we have served customers in more than 100 countries, established cooperative relations with post offices and express companies, and received very good discount prices. Our more than 4 years of experience can help you reduce tariffs and help customers deal with some special items.

Our offices

                                  bannongbouathong,sykhottabong District,Vientiane capital,LAO PDR

                                                      Tel / WhatsApp : +8562044229959